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The BroadCast tracks the non-linear musings of a journalist navigating life, loss, and the 24-hour news cycle.


Hilary Doyle is a field reporter and producer with the Business News Network in Toronto. She has worked on The HOUR with George Stroumboulopoulos (CBC), and as a print journalist in Toronto, Mexico, and West Africa. She spent thee years touring with Second City's National Touring Company, and has worked as an actress in Chicago, New York, and Toronto.


bob dylan, virginia woolf, Girl Talk, writing for fun, africa, dinner parties, smart movies, funny conversation... i'm an optimist with a short attention span, so i like most things. within reason. i'll probably fall in love with you if you ask me to move to paris, but since we don't know each other well yet, i'll tell you that i love traveling, spreading newspapers and magazines all over the floor, reading in the park, joe stiglitz, paul martin's aboriginal initiative, wine and whiskey, innovation in the developing world, baseball, college football, great jokes, david axelrod, dave eggers, and those who appreciate circuitous minds and a little indecision. Occasionally, I like goat cheese. Also, I like "Stock and Awe", and you should watch it online, since you obviously missed it when it was on the real TV. It's a comedy about investing your money. Or, more specifically, my money.