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Eat Nude.

This is big news. Historic news.

Legacy news.

On my lunch trot yesterday, I wandered into Sweet Lulu's, having never thought to stop in before. It scares me a little. Their sidewalk sandwich board makes the place look like a restaurant that specializes in Japanimation or kiddie porn, and I'm looking for neither in a lunch. That said, yogis tell you to do something that scares you everyday, so yesterday, I chose to get over myself. Besides, I've run out of options along the strip, and as a non-chef with bare cupboards and something growing in her slow cooker, lunch these days makes me angry, and I've got to turn that into a positive.

So, Sweet Lulu's. They serve stir fries. Fine.

Friendly people, lots of selection, kind of healthy, and take out in a New York Chinese food box. They had me at chopsticks.

I should mention here that on the day in question, I am wearing a spectacular dress and so the three guys who work the till and the kitchen (separately) are probably chatting with me more than they would have if I'd sauntered in on a Saturday in my gym clothes (which is how I usually spend my Saturdays, though rarely, rarely do I make it to the gym...). They've been sharing a conundrum. Two of the guys are talking soup.

"I know you don't like it, but it fits on the button."

"Yeah, it's just... who's gonna order that? 'Clear soup?'"

"I don't know. I'd order it. Is noodle soup better?"

"It's just... it's just kinda boring."

When I was a little kid, my family lived down the street from the guy who came up with the 80s slogan, "Coke Is It!". I think early exposure to that kind of marketing genius must've rubbed off.

"It's Naked Soup, guys. Or Nude Soup. The ladies'll love it, and it'll catch on with the men on Bay St."

Nude Soup. Now available at Sweet Lulu's at Queen and Niagara and at their location on Bay.

This is my first menu item. I will not get a name credit, but I've been promised a free bowl of the soup once the menus go to print.



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