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2 posts from April 2010


An Atheist's Nightmare.

The bottom of my street is impassable for Christ's crucifixion. Jogging has never felt this guilty. 

"C'mon, Dude. Lez Move." Anon. Soldier to pre-Cruc JC (Easter, 2010)


I started this blog a year ago, in an effort to get past my fear of commitment. I thought up a snappy name. I picked wallpapers and super font packages. I committed to blogging three times a week. Twice at least. Maybe once a week if I was really slammed at work. Then, for some reason, my wallpaper didn't save and the fonts reverted back to Times New Roman. And I lost the password. Then, I couldn't get back onto the page where you write the things to post, and I started to wonder why people read blogs anyway. It's fine to be a narcissist on your own time, but don't clog the internet. 

I understand blogs for a business. Like my friend, Cath. She has a blog, and that's smart. You should look at it now. http://www.documentographer.com/blog/ 

Sorry. I don't know how to make that into a proper link. Because I'm analog. If I were a technical wizard, I'd at least make this blog look pretty, to take your mind off the writing. But I don't think I can do that. Or, rather, I can, theoretically, I just don't know how to save it. 

But you can't live your life in fear, and recently, I've discovered that maybe my fear of commitment is just discernment. Maybe mine's not a fail rate of 100%, but a success rate of 100%, when it comes to not committing to the wrong things... or people.

'Tis the season. Blog Resurrected.