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Your Short Tales for My Long Posts

This blog is a bi-annual fad for me. Every 4-6 months, I dust off the cobwebs and decide to share my blog with the world.

And then I don't. Obviously.

Because I get insecure about my writing. But here's the thing --

I've never been insecure about YOUR writing.

So, I'd like to share you with the world.

With your permission. Obviously.

Please, send me your stories -- the stories you wrote as a kid, stories from when you were a kid, stories from your kids, stories about where you've come from, where you've been, where you're going, where your family came from, stories about your granddad, tales from your nana, an experience that shaped you, things you remember, what you'll never forget, regrets, demands, victories, something that makes you laugh, moving to Canada, coming home, love, taxes, travel, dying, living... you name it.

It's a dialogue, among Torontonians, for the rest of the world. In one of the most multicultural cities on the planet, we have a unique opportunity to learn about, to understand, and to appreciate the cultures of the world. So, perhaps these stories will prompt some change. Or, maybe, they'll just entertain you. Either way, I hope you're still reading. Brevity, in my case, has never come easily. Apologies.

Send me your stories, send me your email address, and let me come to you and buy you a drink or a cupcake, and you'll tell me your story, and I'll record it -- by video, by audio, or by hand -- and then I'll upload it onto this thing, and I will learn about technology, and you will learn about other people, and hearts and minds will grow and it'll all be thanks to you and a city and a cupcake.

Come on. 


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Great idea- glad to find you in the blog world!
Very excited to support you in any way shape or form!

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