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Soft Focus.

I ran into my neighbour the other day on the street. We often leave notes for one another, just to check in, so it's always a surprise to see him in the flesh, even though we live across the hall. Frankly, he shouldn't be out at all, since he borrowed a friend's first season of The Wire over a year ago and still hasn't given it back. My neighbour should be spending all of his time watching tv. Anyway, he was out and looking snappy in a new pair of glasses -- his first -- which he'd picked up two hours earlier. It was the first time he'd seen clearly in years, he said. I told him the glasses looked great. 

"Last time you'll see me wearing them, Doyle. I miss two hours ago, when people were pretty."


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maybe he was waiting to get his glasses, before watching the wire.

Hello my dear - AMAZING blog!!! hilarious and twisted! I need more on the slutty accountant neighbour. Also, are we going to set your dad up with my mother-in-law or what?!?! Is he in the city yet?

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