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Stalker & Awe

I have spent the last year of my life writing a comedy about personal investment. It's called Stock & Awe, and it launches on the Business News Network on Thursday October 7, at 8 pm. The good news is, if you can count to 57, you can probably find BNN on your dial. If it's not part of your cable package, you should call me and I'll pay for you to have it installed and then you can just start keeping your tv on on Thursday nights at 8 pm while you cook, go out, Skype with relatives, or do other things. This way, I will be able to keep my job, although I may be very poor as a result. That's okay. We all make sacrifices. 

If you forget to track down BNN at 8 pm on Thursday evenings, starting Oct 7, or you're just trying to save money, which I can appreciate, you can also see Stock & Awe on Saturday evenings at 5:30 on CTV. CTV comes with your tv. So, that's convenient. Either way, you can watch Stock & Awe and then push off to your Saturday night dinner party or nightclub armed with hilarious conversation fodder about investing. Hilarious!

For example:

What do you call a lady who just made $10 000 on a commodities stock?


Your new girlfriend. That is... if you're interested. 

You get the picture. 

Bottom line is, it would be terrific if you'd watch. My boss calls Stock & Awe life thinly veiled as art. My life. 


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I SO wish I could watch this from the UK. Knowing you, I am confident that it will be hilarious!!! Can I watch it online?

So glad to hear that you're up to such exciting & talented things! Not that I'm surprised!! Best of luck!


doyle, you rock my world. seriously. could you be any hotter? or more clever? or hotter?

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