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Circle Researcher, Rory Tate, was an icon at Second City. By the time I got there, a theatre had been named in his honour and he was referred to only in whispers. Tim Sims, the actor better known as Rory Tate, was a legend -- the sort of man people pretend they once met.

I'm lucky enough to ACTUALLY know Gil Masuda, one piece of the DJ collective, Circle Research. Giller will probably read this and call to tell me that he would NEVER refer to Circle Research as a "DJ Collective", and that that's "kinda cute but pretty lame". Gil is cooler than I am, but he still lets me hang around, which is great and, frankly, kinda charitable. When you're friends with an artist, or, at least, when I am, I go through a period at the beginning when I'm afraid to see their art, because I worry it's going to be bad. Pessimistic, I know, until you think about the ratio of bad art to good in the world. Then it's just rational. Gil gave me his album, Who?, within a week of meeting. I listened to it while I was scrunched up on a chair with my eyes closed. And then I started dancing. And then I listened to it again. And then I realized that his music makes you feel cool, and then makes you feel good about being a little nerdy, and then makes you stop thinking and start smiling. Gil Masuda's music is, as the kids say, kinda next level.

Here's his myspace page:


Don't go there yet.  

Gil and I met at BNN, moments after I'd been hired. He thought I needed help with my style. He told me I should wear more scarves. He proclaimed himself my stylist and we went out shopping and we bought him a pair of boots. 

"I don't do this for everyone, Hil," he said. 

Gil is one of those understated friends who constantly surprises you. He remained my friend throughout a year when I virtually never left my apartment, because I was writing an investment comedy, Stock & Awe, and I was afraid I might run out of time. He called and invited me out and I never went and he was still my friend. Last night we were out for pizza and I mentioned that I don't know what you wear to a hockey game and he said:

"If it's you, you wear your Sex Pistols t-shirt, those pink plastic pumps, the Roots fuzzy sweater with the zip and, I guess, your one pair of jeans."

What I'm saying is that Gil really "sees" his friends. He has a unique ability to sense what they need. So, for the record, the Sex Pistols shirt is actually the Ramones, and I sure didn't NEED this, but I'm SO glad that he did it...

Here it is... Stock & Awe's official DJ Mix. Prepare yourselves. It is awesome.



Listen to this, then check out his MySpace page and then wait for his new album to drop early next year. If we're lucky.